Learn to Program Through Online Courses

A friend of mine is learning to code, and the time is simply not there for something like a full Open Source CS Study Plan. Continuing the search, I found this really nice quick rundown of useful online courses for learning what programming’s about, but a good few of the programs are down or their delivery methods are a little out of date. So I got to work on some replacements.

Compiler Explorer

Compiler Explorer takes a program written in some language and shows how color-coded sections would be compiled into different kinds of assembly. I really enjoyed my assembly class (we used MIPS), and the way things look when you run -O as a compiler option gives me warm fuzzies.

June 29, 2018: Y'all boys got slopes?

Alright. Bear with me. This is a word problem but I swear the set up is for comedy and you’ll be proud of me after I tell you the answer.

Jan 09, 2018: It Begins

In May 2017, recent corporate purchase eliminated my position as “Health Information Systems Analyst”. In response, I decided it was time to learn to count.