Learn to Program Through Online Courses

A friend of mine is learning to code, and the time is simply not there for something like a full Open Source CS Study Plan. Continuing the search, I found this really nice quick rundown of useful online courses for learning what programming’s about, but a good few of the programs are down or their delivery methods are a little out of date. So I got to work on some replacements.

The goals here are to emphasize fundamentals and make the most of available time to get the greatest exposure to problems and practice.

You’re obviously more than welcome to add your own coursework as you find it, but consistent strong output beats the crap out of “do everything at once” every time.

Prerequisite 1

Focus on one of these courses on its own at a time. Feel free to move on after one’s complete (or come back for it sometime later).

If you do choose to do the other, consider starting Prereq 2 alongside it.

Term 1

Term 2

Term 3


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